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平均四天拍一卷底片的網頁設計工作者,主修科目:Olympus OM、Olympus Flex、Pentax 6x7、Pentax 645、定焦傻瓜相機|個人網站|公司網站

這篇文章有 5 則留言

  • 史丹徐表示:

    Hi Ryan,

    You can scroll down to the bottom of the article. And you’ll see the “Subscribe to: Post (Atom)." Also you can use your browser to subscribe it. Just press the blue square feed button on the right side on your navigation toolbar.

    I’m so glad for your subscribing. Thanks you!

  • 涵宇表示:

    How do I subcribe your article? I mean the RSS.

  • 史丹徐表示:

    That’s cool!

    I have a friend came back from the United States who works part-time there. He went four months with 100,000 NT dollars. After working and traveling some sightseeing spot, he brings 2,000 US dollars back! Before, I thought working holiday abroad will cost much money. But I’m wrong. There’s a super value in working holiday. After hearing my friend’s experience, I have the object four which is working holiday. But I’m not student anymore. I couldn’t attend the student’s project in summer vacation. So it maybe turns me to Australia for one year! (I love America more in fact…)

  • Jane表示:

    yesterday, there’s a speech given by 李國修 talking about “the life and the drama" at my school. He has a great influence on me. And he is really the “性情中人", humor and positive. He said “we should fail from the start”. He teach his child in a free and extremely no stress way, and the child has a great performance in his field. although his child did a bad job in the school, he don’t care. we should find where we want heading to, no matter what anyone else say. And the future should not been settled by a general or certain thought. what he want emphasis is that we should lead our live like the actors given a impressed performance. we should put more concentrate on our life. And he talk about the “shield-tear exercise", which said that you should cry whenever you wanna cry, and it will give u a great life. once in Beijing, the drama 莎姆雷特he directed won a “8mins n 30secs clap". After he finished his speech yesterday night, we gave him a big hand that seems like will never stop, and he suddenly cried.. He’s a successful people but with no hubris, even very humble!
    I think I will going to see his play if i have the time!

    Just wanna share with u n practice my English ^_< Jane


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