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往松山機場 (2)
往松山機場 (2),2009

(Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.5)
Exposure +0.68
Blacks 80
Contrast +25
Saturation -100

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  • 史丹徐表示:

    Hey Jane,

    You just catch me off guard by the English message, but I love it! I’m interest in English communication now. I’m happy to see you restarted your blog now. Because I’m not used to using facebook from beginning to end. That’s hard to get some information from you. You did the shoot in Hong Kong seem a lot. Do you create a new album, too?

    My mother came back from China few days ago. But I don’t have much time to chatting with her. (I’m in Soldier Online now!!) It makes me a little sad. And the days you’re not here in Taiwan, the weather is damn cold and raining all day long. So I couldn’t ride my bike at the weekend.

    Maybe I haven’t told you. I’ve decide to study for a MBA after two or three years I finished my military service. That’s my object one. And becoming a bike pro is object two. Increasing my deposit is object three!

    I’m really in a good condition now. Hope you’re there, too!


  • jane表示:

    hey stan 😀

    not hearing u for some’ve u been?
    there’s something i want share with u.
    i just came back from hk yesterday.
    that’s my first time went HK,and i love there!
    i like its crowded feeling and the fast-paced life style!
    i also went to Macau to see the f1 racing !
    that’s really very awesome..
    n i really enjoy this trip.

    hope u in a good condition ^_< jane


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